While the art world mourns the detention of one major artist, there seems to be only time enough for distraction. Following their opening at Long March last week, here are some photos of Madein’s corporate headquarters in Shanghai, I hope to follow soon with more on the Physique of Consciousness show, this is just a small primer to say, you have been warned.

madein 1

 [Right inside the main entrance, the ‘VIP waiting lounge’ sports a comfy leather chair; staff work behind the wall with the cloth collage.]

madein 2

[Looks as if the MadeIn staffers are putting in some long days.]

madein 3

[Where MadeIn’s felt objects are realized… a crafter’s dream.]

madein 4

[Piecing together large, tactile collages from a print-out image.]

madein 5

[“What is the most common site in this nation? Temporary difficulties. What is advantageous about this nation’s institutions? Successfully overcoming difficulties that wouldn’t exist in other social institutions.” Oil on canvas.]

madein 6

[Small editions of felt creations on sale; this little guy was not priced at $1.]

madein 7

[Another US dollar makes a cameo, a ‘Dead President’s Coupon,’ MadeIn style.]

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