Late March. Public heat has ceased for eight days now. With concrete walls for insulation, my hands are freezing!It just might be warmer outside….I’ve been doing some research lately, and when I came across this cartoon from the May 1955 issue of Meishu 美术, I thought it should be shared, if only to show how much has remained the same.The title is “Four Seasons in one Building.” When this was drawn, urban dormitory dwellings were under construction en masse, according to the caption, the four season phenomenon was caused by irregular water pipes.I ran into a friend yesterday who hasn’t had hot water in their 15th floor apartment for three days, their building was built in the 90s. I’d rather be cold!At Beijing University, I lived in a dorm room which looked like the 3rd in the cartoon below (ah, Shaoyuan!). Now, as I write to you dear readers, I look like that huddled mass on the first floor, with just my hands sticking out from the folds….lou

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Diana Says:

This reminds me of those cold heatless nights in Kunming. Yes, it was the Spring City, but no heat all winter catches up to a girl! Inside and outside should not be the same temperature!

I definitely looked like the man on the 1st floor when I wore all my warmest clothes to bed, including my hat, gloves and scarf. (I stopped wearing my scarf because I was worried I would accidentally suffocate in my sleep!)

23 March 2011 at 7:42 AM |

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